How to Check a UK Nurse’s Registration

UK Nurses Register - SearchHow to Search the UK’s Register of Nurses

The NMC Register is a public document that any member of the public can look at. To undertake a search of the register, you will need to know the surname of the nurse. You cannot search with a first name alone. If you know the nurse’s Personal Identification Number (PIN NUmber), that will assist in confirming the registration of the individual nurse concerned.

If you doubt the identity of a nurse, you should ask to see personal identifiation (such as a driving licence or passport), so that you can verify that the person is who they say they are. Anyone could potentially claim to be a named nurse. A professional nurse would always be prepared to show someone proof of their identity.

To search the NMC Register, visit the NMC’s webpage: Search the NMC Nurses’ Register