Criminal Law Representation for Nurses

Nurses and Criminal Law Cases Representation

Criminal Law Representation for Nurses

Our specialist criminal law team can assist nurses in relation to criminal cases, whether nursing related or otherwise, by providing nurses with legal advice and legal representation at the magistrates court, crown court, or in the criminal appeals courts. Our lawyers represent nurses in relation to work related criminal law matters, or criminal law matters that occur in the domestic sphere. Our criminal law team can also represent nurses at police stations.

Nurses may be questioned by the police about things that have gone wring in the workplace. Nurses who are asked to give statements should do so carefully, also making reference to the nursing and medical notes that they have had access to.

Nurses Criminal LawNurses, by way of example, might be investigated for serious crimes such as gross negligence manslaughter, assault of patients, or theft. Such crimes can be career ending. A nurse who is arrested and subject to a police interview is entitled not only to take legal advice but also to be represented throughout their interview.

Some nurses are charged with drink driving and we can provide representation in those circumstances, as well as other criminal charges.

For more information on the criminal law defence services that Nurses Defence Service provides to nurses, call us without obligation on: 0800 01 22 506