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NMC Representation for NMC Nurses

Testimonials about Lawyers at Nurses Defence Service

The lawyers at Nurses Defence Service are specially trained to represent nurses in NMC and other proceedings. Here is what some of our nurse clients have had to say about our lawyers:-

Health Committee Hearing at the Nursing and Midwifery Council

Nurse Ms C wrote: ‘ When a referral letter arrived from the NMC I felt my world had ended. The nightmare went on for over a year, and was one of the worst periods of my life. I did my research and Lee Gledhill seemed one of the most experienced in this area. He really did deliver too, without him I’m not sure what the outcome would’ve been, but I’m adamant not as good as I got with Lee. A skilled and confident lawyer, he’s a must if you find yourself facing a hearing.’

NMC Investigations

Sister JN wrote:I am an RGN and received notice of an intended investigation by the NMC as I had referred myself due to allegations made against me. These related to falsification of working hour entries as well as dishonesty. To have to face the prospect of the governing body investigating my integrity with the potential for a loss of career of 28 years was terrifying. When the NMC Investigatory Report arrived I truly could not face it or engage with the process. I had already waited in excess of six months for it to arrive and this in itself did much damage to my health and mental state. However, I can now say how lucky I was to have been guided to barrister Lee Gledhill. Initially during my conference call with him, I found it was very difficult to make much progress due to the pressure I was under from the case. However, Mr Gledhill’s professional calm manner in addressing my fears ultimately created a determination within me to fight my corner and review the so-called evidence.

‘Because I followed his advice on how to answer these allegations and present my defence case, the result for myself from the NMC was a complete “No Case to Answer” and “No Further Action to be Taken”. Without his intervention I may well not have had the correct outcome as it is so hard to protect yourself from corporate bodies who make enquiries. My heartfelt thanks to you Lee, and your team and may other such needy souls as myself have the good fortune and sense to call upon you.’

Nurse Mr CW wrote: ‘I just wanted to update you that my NMC case has finally been closed with the outcome ‘no case to answer’. I really appreciate all the support and advice you have provided over the past 12 months and I now intend to move forwards with the lessons learned from this case. Should any of my colleagues run into similar circumstances then I will recommend the Nurses Defence Service as their first port of call. Thank you again!’

Fitness to Practise Hearing, Conduct and Competence Committee at the Nursing and Midwifery Council

Nurse Mr P wrote: I would like start by thanking Mr Gledhill for his help and assistance in getting me through my tough and daunting time while I was charged with misconduct by the NMC.

‘To have charges put against you by your governing body is in itself a most scary and frightening experience; to potentially have ones career and livelihood taken away is an unforgettable experience that any person should never be put through. I can honestly say that Mr Gledhill made the difference to the outcome of my case. His forthright nature and his verbal skills are second to none. His knowledge of the law particularly nursing law and case law is impressive and so outstanding that once he is at your side you start to get the feeling that you have the right person at your side. I would have no hesitation in promoting Mr Gledhill at any time as he is an astute man in all aspects of legal knowledge within the nursing profession and he has been a saviour in my continuance of my nursing practice, when at one stage I felt I may have been at a dead end.’

Fitness to Practise (Consensual Panel Disposal), Conduct and Competence Committee at the NMC

Nurse Mr W wrote: ‘When I encountered problems with my professional regulator, I was shocked at how hard it would hit me. I would feel physically unwell every time I looked at the documentation and I had no idea as to how to even start to formulate a response. I contacted Mr. Gledhill who, with great patience and understanding, guided me through the process which took almost a year. I have Mr. Gledhill to thank both for the positive final outcome and for the help he gave me to understand how to practise more confidently in today’s modern profession.’

Review of Sanction Order – Hearing of Conduct and Competence Committee at the Nursing and Midwifery Council

Nurse Ms J wrote: Thank you very much for your help with my case and the outstanding work you did for me. Without your guidance and knowledge I don’t think I would have had a positive outcome, for which I am very grateful. I will always refer to your firm if the need ever arises. Once again my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

Fitness to Practise Hearing – Conduct and Competence Committee at the Nursing and Midwifery Council

Nurse Ms H wrote:Oh gosh, where to begin….. Faced with what was a terrible situation I turned to Mr Gledhill and his team for support.  From the very start, he guided and supported me through what became a long and arduous process.  Utterly professional and thanks to his previous experience as a registered nurse along with his colleague a former midwife and nurse, Penny Maudsley, they were able to provide a very personal understanding of the situation and defend me using their knowledge of the law combined with clinical experience.

NMC Cases

Nurse Ms N wrote: ‘I have engaged wirh Mr Stephen Page on two seperate issues. His work is of a high standard. He is open and honest and has a vast knowledge of the Nursing amd Midwifery Council. He is realistic in his views and accurate on opinions of outcomes.Mr Page was reliable he would contact when agreed and do what he said he would. In the best meaning possible I hope I do not need his service again but if I do I would ask for Mr Page personally and would not hesitate to recommend him and Nurses Defence Service to others.’

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