Revalidation Confirmer Service

Revalidation Confirmer Service for Nurses and MidwivesRevalidation Confirmer Service

To revalidate, nurses and midwives will need an individual to act as a Confirmer: someone who takes responsibility for checking that a practitioner has complied with revalidation and that all of their documentation is in order.

While most nurses and midwives will have a line manager who can act in such a capacity, or know a qualified practitioner who can act in such a capacity, not all practioners will have access to such a person. Here at Nurses Defence Service we can provide the services of a Confimer.

The Confirmer must act objectively and independently in forming their view that the practioner has complied with the revalidation process in full and to a sufficient level of compliance to have met the threshold.

Contact Nurses Defence Service for advice and assistance in relation to revalidation and our Confirmer Service, either via our Contact Form or by phone on: 0800 0122 506